Digital Dentistry Begins Here

Dental 3D Printing

Thanks to advances in dental 3D printing technology, it’s now easier than ever to start printing parts. We specialize in helping you identify opportunities for in-house 3D printing and connecting you with the best technology and support to ensure it’s a success for you.

Patient Benefits

Less Chair Time

When patients require less chair time, recovery begins faster.

Fewer Visits

With the speed of the NextDent system, you can accomplish more in a single visit. Now, same-day splints and temps are possible but that’s just the begining.

Faster Recovery

When everything fits perfectly, recovery is much faster. With 3D printing, precision is built-in to the process.

Practice Benefits

See More Patients

Because visits are shorter and less frequent, you can see more patients which increases profit.

Simple Operations

The parts you print will be the talk of the industry. Because the boundaries of traditional manufacturing are gone, the possibilities are truly endless.

Ease of Use

Anyone your current team can be trained to run the printer within an hour or two of it being installed. There’s no need to hire additional technicians or specialists to start 3D printing.

Lab Benefits


Thanks to the fast printing technology and the ability to stack parts, you can print up to 100mm/hour.

Part Cost

Because the system is automated and can work around the clock, the total cost per part is much less than with other methods or hands-on labor.

High-quality Materials

NextDent provides high performance materials for nearly every dental procedure and application.


The digital denture workflow is much easier than you might think. This video walks you through the steps required to go from nothing to final dentures. This process takes place with minimal patient interaction or manual methods of production and process.